Jacquie Comrie is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose vibrant body of work intersects contemporary art and wellness at a global scale, using colour as a medium for social impact and mental health. Whether as murals on buildings, largescale structures, or canvases, her body of work is a dynamic exploration of the science of colour as the universal language on human emotion. Colour has been proven to have a direct effect to human emotion, for which her palettes are consciously designed and orchestrated, aiming to cater to mental wellbeing at large. In such divisive times, and with mental health issues on the rise across the globe, her work aims to contribute to much-needed spaces of mental elevation and reset, to ultimately help improve the quality of life for all individuals – one wall at a time.


Kizmet Gabriel is a Toronto-based graffiti street artist, musician, painter, and storyteller. He has spent most of his career creating spaces for artists and the organization of mural events such as The Reclamation Project: North America’s largest graffiti production mural. His current works explore the manifestations of future beings and electric landscapes.


Mony Zakhour

Mony Zakhour is a Canadian artist born to immigrant Lebanese parents who established themselves as successful business owners in small town Digby, Nova Scotia.  Known for their pizza and great business sense, the dream was for Mony to eventually take over and expand their restaurants.  Mony, not realizing his potential and true path, agreed to follow the business footsteps & attended business school to one day open his own restaurant.

While completing a year of business school, Mony admitted he wasn’t committed.  He would leave at lunch, arrive late, and always be daydreaming of being anywhere else, daydreaming of a passion, waiting to become a career, perhaps his life.  That was his first and only year in school.

Mony would spend most of his time sketching and creating work.  While working a part time job at the liquor store, Mony decided in the meantime to take a summer arts course at NSCAD University and made art the only thing he focused on.  He wanted a life of art, and his art was slowly becoming his life.

Mony took the leap of faith and moved to Japan.  While in Japan, he taught English and continued to paint.  Until the end of his stay.  He amassed 13 finished pieces, paintings he had created over his yearlong stay in Japan.  Struggling to find a way to take his paintings with him back to Canada Mony coincidentally met the owner of  the Gayban Gallery, in Takaoka Japan where he would put on his first solo exhibit ever.  The show was a huge success selling most of his paintings.  Mony knew then the leap was worth it because this is what he does and continue to do; make art.

After leaving Japan, Mony found his way to Toronto where he has put on 2 Solo exhibits and been a part of countless group shows.  Yet to date his biggest achievement was selling a painting to director Spike Lee.  The plan was to deliver the painting to him personally, however that plan did not materialize.  In the end, Mony looks back at that achievement as not a win, but the sign that everything he has sacrificed in the past has him moving in the right direction.

He currently resides in Toronto with his wife Valentina.


Andre Kan

Andre Kan is a Toronto based painter. Since graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design University in 2014, he continues his creative pursuits as an Artist, Muralist, Photographer, Curator, Producer, and Musician. His paintings have been showcased throughout Canada with permanent collections in the U.S and China. His murals can also be seen internationally including London, Spain, Portugal and Taiwan.

His current work investigates the architectural interpretations that respond to our ever advancing society, and suggests what ‘possibility’ means through self discovery. Examining what mark making and its properties mean, as well as the significance in cause and effect, is important here. Kan’s psychological structures depict change and evolution of space, while also questioning the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it.


Billy Franklin

Billy Franklin is an Illustrator/Graphic Designer based out of Toronto, Canada.


Jordan Mckie

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