Unachived Projects

BIG Seating

Photo opportunity! Hoping to follow the success of the I Amsterdam, Toronto and AGO big lettering signs. The difference being in the 3D / 2D aspects of the design. For example, the first letter B in its 3D form is actually lower-case b. when looked at from the front, it appears to be an upper case.



Pixel Wall

Playing on the idea of BIG games. The concept was adapted from Thomas Dambo’s Happy Wall. Although this concept for an interactive wall is slightly different in form. Wood coloured blocks rotate on an axel allowing the participants to create their own image in the wall for everyone else to see –until the next person comes along.



Raise Your Flag

The ethos behind this interactive and collaborative installation is about culture and self-identity. Within a public space, an individual is given the opportunity to claim their own by creating a flag and erecting it alongside others of diverse backgrounds.



Communal Cameras

Collecting the varied experiences of festival attendees through an analog format. Framed Disposable cameras scattered throughout Bloor West street, gives people the opportunity to share what they see throughout the day. The cumbersome object is intended to be easily spotted and inconvenient to steal. All prints from the developed rolls will then be displayed in the storefronts of collaborating businesses.



Busker Box

A simple yet attention-grabbing backdrop for a variety of street performances. All would have been constructed out of cardboard tubes of assorted sizes and attached together. Intended to be about 5ft high to 12ft wide. In addition, was mobile seating made out of the same materials with a plywood top.

Traditionally “buskers” set up on the streets in front of storefronts or laneways. We intended to give them something more intentional and welcoming to promote their craft.